Hunters Ridge George Morris Clinic

George borrowed one of the girls horses to demonstrate a activity and the stirrups were to short for him so he went stirrup-less the whole time.

Honestly, it was pretty impressive since he didn’t move a inch.

so excited to watch his clinic in a few weeks o.o


Homegirl on a mission


Ashish SS 15

As an artist, you can be heroic. If you are somebody that has something beautiful to say and you say it in a way where you influence people towards the positive.
Fabrizio Moretii (x)


From The Chronicle Review:

Madness and the Muse

We’re captivated by the idea of the troubled genius. But is it fiction?

(Illustrations of Virginia Woolf, Kurt Cobain, Ernest Hemingway and Beethoven by Meen Choi for The Chronicle Review)